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Roof Cleaning


Your roof isn't just dirty–it's ravaged with nasty pollutants that affect your home's appearance and property value. These pests are blue algae and other destructive bacteria. Over time bacteria will eat and destroy your roof's integrity by deteriorating material and cause heat retention.


Why is SOFT WASING superior?

Standard “splash and dash” pressure washing only agitates algae, mold, and mildew growth on the surface. Also, the typical power wash process can lead to permanent damage to your roof's surface via granule fall-off. 


AquaTek Pro Exterior Washing is knowledgable in a proven roof cleaning process that has been used by professionals across the nation for years. Our SOFT PRESSURE WASHING process is specially developed to clean and eliminate bacteria without damaging your roof.

Roof Cleaning Gallery

Roof Cleaning Gallery

We love to share our recent roof cleaning projects!

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A Few Good Reasons Call

Improved Curb Appeal

Your roof is the most noticeable aspect of your home – cleaning it is a small cost that makes a huge difference! 

Clean it, don’t replace it.

Sometimes there is no need to spend thousands on a new roof and the labor to replace – simply wash it.

Increase Your Roof’s Longevity

Get the most out of your shingles with our 100% biodegradable formula and prevent premature leaks and cracks due to algae, moss and lichen.

Decrease Utility Costs

Removing black stains provides a more reflective roof surface and may help keep energy bills down.



Stop mold and other organisms from passing through your attic space and into your home.

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