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Washing Services

No matter how large or small the project may be we promise all our clients a professional exterior wash. By eradicating infestations of algae, moss, and lichens that cling to the surface, Aquatek Pro Exterior Washing will leave your property glistening in the sun–possibly making the neighbors quite envious.

A nasty, streaky roof doesn't mean you need a new one, just a cleaned one.

Soft washing is the key. Our process will remove clingy debris without damaging your home's surface.

Quick and to the point. Our surface cleaner will power through the grime.

Looking for Commercial Washing?

We don't stop at residential property–we can help beautify your business or multi-unit property as well!


Improved Curb Appeal

Your roof, siding and concrete are the most noticeable aspects from the curb; a small cost makes a huge difference! 


Improve Your Exteriors Longevity

Get the most out of your shingles and siding with our 100% pro-biodegradable cleaning formula.


Decrease Utility Costs

Removing black stains from your roof and siding can provide a more reflective surface and may help keep energy bills down.

Health Benefits

Stop mold and organisms from passing into home.


Maintain Your Home's Value

Our maintenance program can help maintain integrity of your home's exterior.


Increase Surface Life

Prevent premature leaks and cracks due to algae, moss and lichen.


Clean it, Don’t Replace it

Don't replace when you can save thousands with roof and siding cleaning!

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